Snehal Bhutada

Henna is passion for Snehal. Before forming House of Henna, she has been doing Henna (or Mehendi) for more than ten years in India. Currently she manages her time between her adorable daughter Savani, taking care of a very busy husband, volunteering for doing taxes for low income families, and doing what she does best - Henna-ing.

Snehal has a Masters in Buisiness Administration, and finished her CPA certification. But she was always artsy, and came back to her passion. She is also an accomplished painter. Apart from doing Henna, she also loves to dance, and likes teaching too. Snehal takes Bollywood Dance classes for adults and kids. She will also be starting to teach how to do Henna in Standley Recreation Park starting spring 2009.

Various services offered through House of Henna: